The Reigns of Terror

In a fit of insanity, I have decided to write 52 short stories. They will be in groups of 4, each group having a central theme. These will be released on Amazon first, for the cheapest I can possibly make them. The goal is to show the world what I can do. Hopefully someone has a good time. Join the mailing list for notifications on upcoming releases and please, don’t forget to leave reviews.

Family: It’s looking like the first launch will be the Family themed set. The stories all contain elements of family dynamics, for better or worse. In The Box, a family tries desperately to convince their teenage daughter to join them in a box they have built to withstand the end of the world. In It’s A Girl, a man comes to terms with what it means to be raising a daughter in near future Texas. The Bee Witch is a fictionalized retelling of an experience some friends of mine went through, although I am thankful to say that everyone survived the swarm. Lastly, Potluck follows an odd group of relatives as they bring their increasingly odd dishes and personal problems to dinner.

The Woods: Volume Two of The Reigns of Terror is sure to terrify and delight with four horrific stories all set within the dark confines of the woods. Loggers are pursued by an unknown threat in A Long Drive. The Cave tells the story of teenage boys sneaking out to smoke weed and finding out they’re in for more than they bargained for. Labor Shortage follows a group of office workers who become obsessed with a grove of trees visible from the conference room window. Finally, in The Superior Hunters, four women set out to prove to their partners that they can hold their own, come hunting season.

Ghosts: Volume Three of The Reigns of Terror considers everyone’s favorite horror topic: ghosts. I Remember You is the story of a man who thinks his teenage son has become possessed by a demon, even though those around him see the behavior as normal teenage problems. A Good Prank follows a group of college students as they go on a hike with a new addition to their circle. The Underground is set in the Portland Underground, where a young couple tours a world gone by, filled with danger around every corner. Burn Out is the tale of a young mother, caring for her disabled child, reaching her limit.