Works In Progress

Star Children

14 year old Jessuph is sent to live with his Grampa and Uncle after he sets his school on fire. On the farm next door he discovers a religious cult and a mysterious group of children who don’t belong there. Where did the children come from? Are they truly special as a cult claims, or …

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In 1986, Alan is grappling with his divorce and alcoholism. He takes his young daughters on a camping trip for his court determined weekend, and everything goes great. Except for the fact that Mel, his older daughter, seems to hate her sister Andy. Adding to that, Andy seems to be a little off, and it’s …

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Murder City

In Las Vegas, an isolated weekly apartment dweller becomes obsessed with a new neighbor. An exploration into the past reveals much more about this disturbed individual.

The Beach House

Status: Currently Querying A recent divorcee tries to recover at an old family beach house but discovers her ex isn’t the only evil person in the world