Book & Movie Reviews

I’m a voracious reader, as all authors should be. Can you imagine the audacity of someone who never watches TV or movies deciding to try and write and direct a movie? I’ve heard that it happens in the writing world; people who want to write but don’t bother to read. Imagine, a person thinks of a premise they find so interesting that without so much as bothering to pick up a book in the genre, let alone read anything at all, they whip open Word and go to town. Even if I’d never finished writing a novel, I would still be a reading addict, there’s just too much good shit out there. Like many, I hope to one day have a home library that is so much more than some IKEA bookshelves screwed to the wall. Whenever I seek out a book, also like many, I try to read it in the cheapest way possible. Usually that means searching for it online and seeing what I find. My one exception to this rule is I generally don’t care for E-readers, so if it costs a little more to get a paperback over a download, I’ll go for it.

In support of authors who have penned stories good enough to be shared, if I love a book, when I’m finished, I’ll often go back online and purchase a brand-new hard cover version for my personal some-day library. Then I’ll send the used version to someone who I know will love it. If the book was OK, but nothing I’d write home about, I’ll donate it to a secondhand bookstore, free library or organization specifically needing donated books (ask any teachers you know if they need books for their students). It’s very possible that something I didn’t love is someone else’s favorite candy. To me these are stories that were well written, with interesting characters, but just didn’t solicit that kind of deep emotional attachment which my favorite snacks do. Lastly if the book is so bad that I actively don’t want others to read it, I don’t care much where it ends up. Rarely do I find a book in this category. When I do, it’s sometimes something wildly popular already, or even a classic. In any of these cases I usually just send it to a thrift store and not leave a review. I may have found it bad for any number of reasons, but I know that even crappy novels still take a ton of effort and time to create, so I just let it go and never mention it to anyone. I have no interest in pissing in somebody’s cheerios.

Movies can be a little harder for me to swallow, I’m not a huge fan of gore porn, but love a good jump scare. While I somehow read many more books than watch movies, I try to get them in where I can. Since anyone interested in my writing might be curious to know what I think of other’s work, I’ve decided to include a reviews page. I’m also happy to support other authors looking for ARC readers, so if that’s you, please hit me up. I think I’ve rambled long enough here now, so without wasting any more time, here are my thoughts and feelings on the latest spooky media.